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About Us
What we do
  • Topads.lk is an online market place where people can buy and sell almost everything.
  • People can post advertisements (listings) free of charge.
  • In order to advertise, the customer has to register with a valid email ID and phone number. Topads.lk will verify the email and create the account through the website.
  • Once customers log into their account, they can post free ads by themselves and advertise anything they want to sell by sharing their contact details. However, Topads.lk won’t take any responsibilities regarding the ad content such as quality. Topads.lk will only be a third-party service provider who will advertise seller’s ads using Topads.lk platform. The seller product ownership won’t change, and Topads.lk won’t involve in the transactions made by buyers and sellers. If the seller wants to feature the ad, then only the seller has to deal with Topads.lk.
  • Once the ad is submitted to Topads.lk by the customer, it will be reviewed and published on the website for potential buyers. In the review process, Topads.lk will check if the seller is genuine, ad guidelines, prices, etc. If the advertisement violates posting rules, Topads.lk will reject the ad and inform the customer by email.
  • After publication, the customer cannot delete the advertisement, but can edit it at any time. The advertisement will expire after 60 days from the published date. The customer can turn “off” the advertisement if it has been sold.
  • If the customer wants to bring the advertisement up and generate more inquiries, they can promote the ad through a payment. The customer can purchase individual feature ads online or purchase bulk feature ads through Topads.lk sales staff. A system-generated invoice will be issued.
  • If the customer has any queries regarding our service or advertisements, they can contact our customer support department.
Topads.lk Sales staff can advertise seller’s ads
  • Upon the approval (verbally, in written) of the seller (retailers – Car sales, Property companies, Electronic shops, Mobile phone shops) sales staff will be publishing ads behalf of the seller as an ad on value. In here ad content, prices will be given buy the seller when sales staff meet the seller. Sometimes ad content will be sent to the sales staff through an email. By creating a logging to the seller or through the admin sales staff will be publishing the ads under respective seller’s name and the phone number. Further, if seller wants to feature the ad, he/she can use above featuring methods.

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Topads.lk has the widest selection of items across Sri Lanka and over 50 different categories. Whether you're looking for a Vehicle, House, mobile phone, computer or pet, you will find the best deals on topads. Our search and filters make it easy to find precisely what you're looking for!
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